Software as a Service

What we do

Wondering whether to build a new IT solution from scratch?
Do we go on prem or on cloud?
How do we scale it?

These are some of the common questions a business owner faces. Today a significant portion of the technology solutions available are all SaaS.

At Phaethon we design and develop scalable cloud based solutions that you could simply subscribe to. Let us take care of your IT solutions, while you pursue your goals.

How we work

Our team of consultants will establish an open line of communication with you to holistically analyze your business objective or your future plans.

We would then look closely at how a tech enabled solution could best help you achieve your business objectives. Our development team working across a range of technologies will be at your service to meet your requirements in a time bound fashion.

We follow a customer centric design approach so you will be a part of our discussions every step of the way to devise the best solution for your needs.

Would you like to talk to us? Please mail us on the email given below and our team will be in touch with you.