Deep Tech Solutions

What we do

New businesses and ideas would often require new and out of the box thinking. Needless to say the technology solutions required too would have to be out of the box and rather quite radical in nature.

Phaethon’s core is all about deep tech - Machine Learning & AI, Internet of Things(IoT) and Blockchain.

If your business objective isn’t being achieved with conventional solutions. Perhaps it's time to take a new approach!

How we work

Our team of consultants will establish an open line of communication with you to holistically analyze your business objective or your future plans.

We would then look closely at how a tech enabled solution could best help you achieve your business objectives. We closely evaluate your needs to determine if a deep tech solution is indeed the way forward. We don’t want our clients to be appealing to a market ‘hype’ or just plain ‘FOMO’ unnecessarily.

We follow a customer centric design approach so you will be a part of our discussions every step of the way to devise the best solution for your needs.

Would you like to talk to us? Please mail us on the email given below and our team will be in touch with you.