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We are the R&D wing of Phaethon Technologies. A tech playground where we unleash our inner mad scientists to learn, build and rebuild. We constantly experiment with new technology and new ideas and concepts. Naturally we are the arm of Phaethon that part takes in hackathons in the quest for the next big problem we can resolve with our radically new solutions.

Areas We Explore

We deliver the best product design.

Phaethon Labs - Blockchain


Provenance as a Service, Crypto Currencies, Token Economy, Algorithmic Trust

Phaethon Labs - ML, DL & AI


Prediction Modeling, Business Intelligence, Trend Analysis, Image Detection and Classification

Phaethon Labs - Advanced Electronics

Advanced Electronics

Programmable Matter, Edge Computing, OPC UA Data Pipelines


traceC is an open-source tool developed by Phaethon Technologies to aid the global effort to contain CoVID-19. Using GeoSpatial mapping and Data Analytics to traceback and sanitize the patient data. Project traceC empowered the officials with provision to look for patient location history and aid for contact tracing.

traceC was adopted by the Government of Kerala - India as part of their efforts to perform contact tracing in select regions.


Reconciliation is a process which hoards up significant overheads. Primarily because this part of the business is conducted or overseen by investing manual human efforts. Furthermore, reconciling brings about the question of trust and integrity which further presses the idea of having someone with authority perform or oversee this process.

ReCon Engine is designed specifically to solve for this particular use case. Through a combination of deep technologies like Machine Learning(as applicable), Blockchain/DLT and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With minimal to zero disruption to the existing business processes ReCon Engine would eliminate the ‘human’ aspect from the entire process once it is put in place.


Vaypa is an online platform enabling peer-to-peer(P2P) lending of crypto tokens. Unlike traditional banking structures, we want our users to have complete autonomy of how they wish to offer a loan or avail a loan.

Anybody owning any crypto currency can mortgage these tokens to avail a loan. All loans on the platform are disbursed instantly as long as the user meets the loan parameters. Onboarding of an user is also done almost instantly pending approval of their KYC documents processed at the backend via machine learning models.